Known Issues

Yes, ForBidding is returning to active development with an iOS 8 specific release!

ForBidding and iOS 8 and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ and…

ForBidding has been updated to support iOS 8, 64-bit, and large iPhone screen sizes. There are some goodies coming as well – background updates and FULL Apple Watch support.

Here’s what clearly isn’t working – DOWNLOADING THE APP AND USING IT IN NON-NORTH AMERICAN TIME ZONES. People continue to do that. Stop it. I know this is an issue, but when it is resolved, the app will be released in the appropriate app stores!

About those giant watchlists…

The most common problem I see is with extremely long watchlists. For folks with DOZENS (sometimes 200ish!) items on their eBay watchlist – there’s some bad news – Gixen has a difficult time returning this data via web service. It just takes a LONG time to scrape, and things can go wrong. I’m still working on some potential fixes (local data scraping on the device, for example, IS implemented, but only used in emergency situations) – so please bear with me.

Potential issues being researched now

I’ve seen a few items mentioned in reviews that I have been entirely unable to replicate – specifically, items showing as expired that are not, invalid currencies, and “cancelled bids.” Forbidding will never cancel a bid without the user canceling it – so I am a bit doubtful of that. The others I need to see examples (screenshots or item numbers).
The challenge in this is that the Gixen web service is the source of the data, and it isn’t always perfect. I’ve worked out as much as I can with 20ish beta testers. The app was not released until they felt it was stable. We’ve tested with 200+ item watchlists, but there many many places for things to go wrong, and I’d love to fix them – but I need to know about them and be able to recreate them.

My eBay watchlist doesn’t always clear out if I edit it on eBay.

Sometimes I get back empty watchlists from Gixen. If this occurs, ForBidding checks to see if all your watchlist auctions are expired. If they are, the watchlist is cleared. If it sees valid auctions, however, it assumes that it has received invalid data and ignores the update.

Sometimes the bid list (Gixen snipe list) doesn’t update.

Gixen will occasionally not provide all the necessary data for an auction when it sends the snipe list. If ForBidding notices information missing, it will disregard data from Gixen to avoid botching up your auctions.